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Aveda Spa | Space Frame Architects

Interior design for a Spa in Indore

Project area:  3500 Sq.ft.  |   Completed: Aug ’18

Aveda Spa is situated in the midst of town on 3,500 Sq.Ft. of area. A tight budget and time constraints prompted us to use simple cost effective materials for refurbishment. A lot of effort was made to keep the interiors maintenance free.

All old interior elements were removed ( flooring,ceiling,,lighting etc.) and replaced to accommodate revised floor plan.

The core idea was to integrate green within spa to ensure a sense of calmness and luxury. The idea was to slow down and wake up your senses while preparing for a massage near the reception.

The spa gives a very fresh and inviting feel. Exclusive handcrafted, backlit wooden backdrop of reception becomes a visual treat and pause point to the customer.

The rhythmic pattern on entrance gives an interesting texture that is in contrast to flooring, and further this space doubles up due to intelligently placed mirror on the front wall.

The materials and strategic lighting provide a texture to the space. Pause points are created with intelligently placed curves, cutworks and green walls. The indirect lighting in spa enhances the atmosphere and gives a cozy feel to the entire space. Throughout the spa, there is a clever interplay of curves and rectilinear lines. The choice of materials includes sophisticated glass, wood to give natural warmth and rustic vibe. The use of natural materials (wood and stone) with soft lighting and custom designed furniture make the waiting lounge very cosy and inviting.

Monolithic treatment with walls clad with Indian stone and floor inlays instantly connects to the customer thus imparting a pleasant and welcoming feel to the spa environment. The color palette highlights the greenery it sits in along with the warmth of wood. All rooms enjoy their privacy and comfortable approach through main lounge. The design language is largely minimal with highly effective zoning scheme.

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