Interiors for an office space in Indore.

Project area:  1500 Sq.ft.  |   Completed: Feb’18

It is situated on the fifth floor of a commercial complex and serves as an extension to the existing office on the same floor. The client’s requirement was to have maximum seating with a refreshing atmosphere while matching with the existing parameters.

A feature wall is provided that consists of a world map which demarcates the company’s branches and  establishments around the world.

Effective use of linear planning to provide maximum seating along with cabins, a meeting room and storage spaces.

The color palette of the project is red and grey with green highlights.A partition is provided to block direct vision of secondary space from staff area. It consists of three display panels  with white pebbles and artificial greenery at the bottom.

A wall of meeting room is treated with cushions to enhance the acoustics. Use of full height green walls creates a refeshing atmosphere indoors.

A lack of walls or other physical barriers in open-plan office space makes it easier for employees to interact with each other on a regular basis. It generates a sense of camaraderie among personnel and enhances the flow of information and teamwork. Fewer walls mean less time and materials required to create the office space, which makes the project economical. Incorporating artificial green walls enlivens the office environment. Use of colors, i.e. red, grey, white is in accordance to the company’s logo.

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